Commercial Exhibition

Reasons to participate:

  • The commercial exhibition will feature an important academic scheduling, and a display of equipment, products and services for the hydrocarbons sector without precedent in the country
  • Offers an ideal scenario to generate healthy discussion, a technical and commercial exchange that may lead to propose concrete alternatives to improve the oil and gas investments in Colombia.
  • Provides the unique opportunity to present new technologies, make new products and projects releases in the sector.

Exhibitor benefits:

  • Opportunity to showcase latest technologies.
  • Business opportunities.
  • Great possibilities for strategic alliances with sector companies.
  • Contribute to strengthen the image and positioning of your company and the country.

Exhibitor profile:

  • Services/products companies, national and internationally, of hydrocarbons sector. (Exploration, drilling, production, transportation, etc.)
  • Public and private entities related to the sector.
  • Specialized magazines of the sector.
  • Operators companies national and international (exhibition of new trends, techniques and technologies)

Visitors profile:

  • CEO’s of national and international oil companies
  • Petroleum service companies.
  • Oil and gas associations and groups.
  • Goverment representatives.
  • The academy.
  • Investigation institutes.

Visitor benefits:

  • Learn and acquire about technology and machinery related to the hydrocarbon sector.
  • Find products, equipment, maintenance and services for hydrocarbons exploration, production, drilling and transportation, from national and international companies.
  • Be part of the XVI Congreso Colombiano de Petróleo y Gas.
  • Performing within a framework contacts and business with manufacturers, representatives, marketers and service providers of the hydrocarbons sector.